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Changing How We Vote During Coronavirus 

With the Coronavirus impacting nearly every facet of our daily lives, it comes as no surprise that the course of politics has changed drastically in response. Elections all over the country have been postponed, and various state-issued guidelines have been announced to help navigate this new political terrain. 

Governor Phil Murphy has mandated that elections be mostly vote by mail, with limited in-person polling places and secure drop boxes in each county.  For many New Jersey voters, voting by mail is an unfamiliar process, and may cause a some voter anxiety.

Despite this, voting by mail is likely the easiest option for New Jersey voters, and this is true in the case of all elections, pandemic aside. Voting by mail is New Jersey’s version of  absentee and early voting, allowing voters to cast their ballots at ease and from the comfort of their own homes. As long as ballots are filled out correctly and sent on or before election day itself, the vote will be counted.

As per Governor Murphy’s executive order, all active voters in the state will be automatically sent ballots.

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