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Millburn Democratic Committee Statement on Assault on U.S. Capitol Building

Millburn Democratic Chair Annette Romano and the Millburn Democratic Committee issued the following statement:

“Our democracy rests upon the right to vote, free and fair elections, and the peaceful transition of power. What we have witnessed over the past four years has been a persistent and pernicious effort by Donald Trump and his allies to erode faith in our institutions, norms and the very tenets of democracy. Their efforts resulted in an attempted and deadly coup at the U.S. Capitol building, and other related attempts at statehouses around the country.

The 2020 election was unequivocally free and fair. On each occasion illegitimate court cases were dismissed. To try to cling to power through lies and incitement of violence is fundamentally un-American. We condemn Donald Trump and his allies’ actions in the strongest terms. Those who seek to destroy democracy, and the hallow structures that house our history, have no place in government.

Our country must unite in demanding accountability. To begin healing, it is essential that we fully recommit to democracy and the rule of law.

We thank our congressman, Tom Malinowski and our senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker for standing strong for the principles that we hold dear. We further thank other local, state and national representatives, who for four years have recognized and opposed the irrational thinking, behavior and direction that this last administration has imposed on our country. 


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